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B Todo B


Boys Velcro Trainer
£45.00 - £47.50
21 22 23 24 25
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Geox: The Breathing Shoes - Healthy, Stylish and Comfortable

Geox kids' shoes combine undoubted Italian designer style with the unique Geox footwear 'Breathe' system. This sophisticated design was developed to allow your child's feet to 'breathe' through the soft rubber soles on all Geox kids' shoes, promoting both health and comfort for the wearer.

At Bellini, we supply Geox shoes in a wide variety of popular styles.

Selling on-line

Bellini Footwear do not currently sell on-line because we believe the fitting service we provide is of paramount importance in ensuring your children's feet are properly cared for - our foot health section explains more about this.

The initial measurement of your child's foot is a guide only. All shoes fit differently depending on the shape of the shoe, the material they are made from and their country of origin therefore you need an experienced shoe-fitter to be able to assess these factors when selecting the best fit for your child.

We hope our website gives you sufficient information to be able to browse our stock. We look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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